Pioneering New Work in Zona Norte, Tijuana

Americas Children shifts focus to children at risk in Zona Norte, Tujuana!  Zona Norte is the skid row of Tijuana. Homeless people, drug addiction and violence are all part of this area that’s sits on the border. And then there are children. Children whose mothers work in the sex trade, who are drug addicts, children who aren’t in school and who live on the streets during the day only to come “home” to a filthy one room apartment at night where several siblings sleep on cardboard boxes…


Recent News


In September, when we found out that Maya was diagnosed with breast cancer, the women who have been running the feeding program before we arrived expressed their desire to have complete control to operate the 5 feeding areas. We felt that this was the healthiest thing to do . Maya and I will continue to do ministry and help some of the workers who are in most need. We will also continue to be in the local public schools to offer value classes and special activities for the children.


Americas Children is making a difference in the lives of children through our outreach and discipleship programs in Tijuana, Mexico.  We are focusing our resources on reaching kids in public schools through our values based education program and through targeting the most vulnerable children caught in the web of poverty, drug culture, and the sex trafficking environment that exists along the Mexico-US border region.


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Donate Now! Americas Children is moving in new directions in 2017 to feed and disciple children.  With a new focus on child discipleship our teams are developing new strategies to ensure our efforts address both physical and spiritual poverty.  What is spiritual poverty? Whether or not we have problems or struggles in life, we still need God and a relationship with His Son, Jesus. The Bible teaches that all of us (not just some of us) needs God’s grace and mercy. By our very nature we are broken people with no hope except for God.


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For over 40 years, Americas Children have been feeding and reaching Children with God’s love.  From mobilizing the church and volunteers to help thousands of children in poverty, to educating and advocating on behalf of the poor moving people to give and serve with their time, prayers, and resources to meet the needs of hurting and defenseless children…