What two basic ingredients are necessary for any child to lead a fulfilling life? If you come right to the point, they are: health and education. With these two assets in hand, a young adult from any background can make his or her way in this world. And these are exactly the two things that poverty strips away from children. Americas Children.

Americas Children’s mission is two-fold and direct: to support needy children in the areas of nutrition and education. Food, being the best medicine, gives kids their best shot at developing fully and well into young adults, and education is the foundation of a productive life in today’s world. How we accomplish this twin mission takes us into many other areas of a child’s life, but the mission remains at core.

Americas Children feeds breakfast to over 500 children 6 days a week in colonias near Tijuana, Mexico through 5 nutrition programs. We are actively involved in construction projects as needed to further our nutrition and education programs, having built multiple dining rooms, school houses, and more recently a computer lab at a local elementary school. We provide cooking equipment, commercial stoves and counter tops, plumbing, utensils, and food as needed to maintain all programs.