Recent Events

Strengthening the Tijuana Outreach - April, 2017

In the first week of May, Keith and Maya along with David and Elvia Caldwell (Keith serves as the new Executive Director and David as the new Board Chair for Children of the Americas) visited several of the key feeding centers in Tijuana to encourage the team and develop plans for growth and further ministry outreach.  They not only participated in feeding the children, but also brought with them gifts and a special celebration cake to share with the kids – a very special treat for them in honor of Children’s Day which is celebrated in Mexico on April 30.


In addition, the ministry of Americas Children seeks to strengthen the relationship they have with the public school leadership in the TJ area nearby the main feeding centers.  An example of this effort is Keith and Maya’s leadership in bringing to the schools creative events that teach the children solid moral values for living.  Both Keith and Maya, along with David and Elvia, brought a presentation by a clown troupe that specializes in teaching values through their skits to the Pedro De Gante elementary school in Tijuana — the excitement of the kids could not be contained as they laughed and participated in the clown event!