Americas Children’s Mission – Leading, Feeding, and Freeing Children of Tijuana, Mexico


Jesus said, “Feed my lambs…” (John 21:15 NIV) There is no work more important on our planet than to feed, nurture, and disciple children. Wes Stafford, author of the book Too Small to Ignore asserts, and we agree, that “Just know this: What you will do among children is as close to the heart of God and central to his kingdom as anything we could mention.”

The mission of Americas Children is to reach the poorest children in Mexico, primarily along the Mexico-US border area around Tijuana, by meeting their essential needs and through spiritual discipleship, without which they will not achieve their potential. We are also advocates, speaking out and providing a voice and presence where children are hungry, vulnerable and at-risk, and deeply in need of God’s love.

In our roles as advocates, we focus on transforming the conditions that create the poverty so many of these children find themselves in.  Its through the power of the Gospel, the love we demonstrate through our service, and the long-term commitment of discipling these children, we rescue them from the plight they are trapped in and help them become productive, Christian adults who in turn contribute back to their homes and communities.

Our reverse mission is to mobilize the church and volunteers within to take hold of the opportunity to meet these impoverished children, brothers and sisters in Christ, and through this service, become more conscious of their suffering, and become more passionate about the Kingdom opportunity to reach these children.

Our dream, our vision, is to ensure that children have enough to eat, attend school and live safely, and grow up to love God. Before this can happen, large numbers of their conscious, caring, brothers and sisters must first bring the Kingdom of God to them and feed Jesus’ lambs both physically and spiritually, as these children are our future.