Americas Children Welcomes and Needs Volunteers!

Christmas CaravanOne example is the Christmas Caravan, which takes place every year, on the first Saturday after Christmas, rain or shine. The Caravan rumbles up the dusty streets of five colonias to deliver 2-3 tons of toys to more than 1,000 excited kids. Gathering toys from all over the U.S. for several months, then caravanning with the 100 or so volunteers who come with us on the big day, is quite an undertaking. It’s all to celebrate the Christmas Child, and to celebrate all the children we know and love in Tijuana.

In anticipation of the Caravan’s arrival, the children gather early in the morning outside our comedores (dining rooms) in the colonias and wait 4-5 hours for us to arrive. The kids are amazingly patient and orderly but when we Christmas Caravanget there, the excitement ramps up. We immediately start passing out dulces (sweets) as the children wait for the mothers who operate our comedores to organize the toys. When all is ready, breath
less kids enter the buildings to select their treasures from the mountain of toys inside. It’s an incredible, joyful, time of connection with the children – and you can be a part of it all. Volunteer!


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