One of these girls with Maya is Maria (not her real name) who comes to our children’s club that we do on the streets.  She’s 10, she has head lice, she doesn’t know how to read nor write.  Maya went with her mother to see if she could get her and her brother into an orphanage…Maya did all the paperwork and went to the civil register and at the last moment the mother changed her mind.  Maya then tried to enroll her in school.  The director was very accommodating and allowed her to come.  Maria was excited to be in school, but without the support of her mother and with no one to help her she probably won’t continue to get an education.

We feel like the Lord is leading us to devote more time in Zona Norte to help rescue children like Maria. We are looking for a place to rent as a community center to help at risk children overcome the near impossible circumstances they face. We are networking with the local shelters, children’s homes, civil associations, government agencies and ministries to help rescue some of the most vulnerable kids. Please pray for us that the Lord would continue to guide, protect and open doors as we minister to the people in Zona Norte.